About software development and chronic illness

Development has been halted for quite a long time due to chronic illness taking place and occupying most of my free time I used to put in. Those past months have being quite a dramatic experience for me, going in and out of hospitals, having attached pipes to my body that drained my kidneys.

It has been a journey filled with extreme pain and suffering that made me hit rock bottom as a human being. Though, that gave me new perspectives on life and time. I think it will be nice to see some of those transposed on the story I’m writing. I can’t wait to end the first chapter.

There’s still so much to do, and lots of hospital ahead of me, but I still hadn’t give up on Beyond My Winters. I’m planning on implementing a single-tone feature to give characters a “voice” in the next week, so that could be a good starting point. It has already been successfully implemented in Metal Gear: Ghost Babel for GameBoy Color and I think it’s pure genious.

I don’t think it’s always better to dub games, especially when there’s a budget that won’t allow for a decent work. Let’s aim for an immersive experience!