What we offer

We’ll welcome you in a team of developer / artists driven by passion and inspired by outstanding storytelling experiences. You’ll make the difference in a custom-engine videogame written from scratch that aims to bring narrative techniques from the cinema to a mixed 2D/3D immersive world.

We can’t offer more than our kindness and a promise to be equally rewarded in case the project becomes commercial. Oh, during winter time we’ll provide you with homemade cookies 🙂

Open positions

2D Pixel artist: you’ll be creating 2D static and animated sprite following the engine format. You’ll have the possibility to propose new formats and new data structures to be implemented in game.

Concept artist: you’ll be creating 2D concept art to better understand the story. You can create custom content and objects that fill the world of Beyond My Winters.

Level designer: you’ll be creating PandaRPG level and make sure the atmosphere is beautiful enough. Can request new features from the engine devs.

Spontaneous proposal: You don’t fall in any of the previous categories but still feel you can be part of our team? Don’t hesitate and contact us!


For all contacts send an email to: beyondmywinters@gmail.com