The story

This is the story about a guy that lives in a city and wants to grow up, and you’ll be called to be everything in your powers to achieve it, exploring the immense open world that’s filled with special hidden stories and singularly written characters. It’s not about crossing all the roads and seeing it all, it’s about wandering and finding yourself.
Apart from this we’re writing the story as we develop the game, therefore there’s no fixed script.

Main menu

The engine

Beyond My Winters is built on top of a custom RPG Engine written on top of the Panda3D engine. The final objective is to create a suggestive atmosphere for the player to dive into, blending 2D and 3D art to build an immersive pixel-art based world.
The game is written using python3 and opengl, and is capable of level editing, loading and saving with a comfy pyqt wysiwyg interface, completely scriptable in python with a full set of APIs for game developers, support for cinematic camera controls, director mode, dynamic lightning, FSM engine and more…

Level editor

About us

We’re a very small but passionate team that put its free time into this. We’re not professionals nor paid (but we’d like to). If you’re intrigued enough and would like to join, please visit our “Join us” page! We’re looking for you!

We’re waiting for you!